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About this project


National Tribal Mining Workgroup

The Nez Perce Tribe   I   Water Resources division   I   Lapwai, id 

The National Tribal Mining Workgroup (NTMW) was formed to provide the tribes through training and education the tools and knowledge they need to engage with regulators and mines on important environmental matters that may negatively effect or impact tribal lands. Our goal is to ensure tribes understand the fundamentals of U.S, EPA air, water and waste regulations, where and how to effectively comment during the permitting process, how to engage with regulators and the mines during mining projects on tribal lands, the NEPA process and much more.  

Throughout the lifecycle of this grant the NTMW will host and manage training of a variety of topics throughout EPA Region 10 territory. Topics to be covered in future trainings are currently being considered, reviewed and discussed by the NTMW. Please submit us your thoughts.

This project is in collaboration with the contract awardee, EPA Alliance Training Group and representatives of the Nez Perce Tribe, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and other various organizations that will make up the National Tribal Mining Workgroup.